Safe and Surely

Whether it’s hauling 24 tonnes to Geneva, or posting a 7-kilo package to Shanghai, we’ll find a safe, secure and reliable way.

150 fully equipped lorries

We currently have over 150 fully equipped lorries which travel daily from Scandinavia to Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Czechia and Italy. Since 2017, we have even covered the UK.

In order to offer our customers cross-trade and overseas transport, we work together with a few carefully selected hauliers around Europe. Most of our drivers are ADR-trained and are continuously trained in environmental driving techniques.

Full support and transparency

From our offices in central Helsingborg, our traffic department monitors all current shipments, and is constantly available to provide our customers with full support and advice. Our traffic department has extensive experience of overseas, piggybacking, intermodal and trailer traffic.


For quick answers to your queries, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find an answer for your question below, contact us directly.

We currently have over 150 of our own trailers. We work with a few top-class hauliers around Europe to offer maximal service, regardless of the challenge.
You can follow your goods easily through Trailer Tracking via GPS.
We try to work as much as possible with English- and German-speaking drivers.
Yes, we even have weekend driving permits.
Yes, we do. Most of our drivers are ADR and environmentally trained.
In order to acchieve the best possible logistics efficiencies, our vehicles are always equipped with a "Road-tax Autopass".
Yes, we have permission for all types of transport (wide, high, heavy, steel transport etc.).
As per agreement with the customer. Many customers prefer to receive an E-invoice, so we offer this service as well.