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The end of an era is also the beginning of a new one

It is with great pride and joy that we announce that Cargorange will become a part of NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S. The signing of the transaction took place on January 19, 2021, and the transaction is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2021.

“NTG and Cargorange are a perfect match as both companies share the same personal and professional values. With NTG as the future owner of Cargorange, the company and its employees will be able to continue its business as usual while benefitting from the network, knowledge, and scale embedded in a much larger group”.

“Having built Cargorange from scratch, it means a lot to us that the future owner will support the company and employees in their future endeavours”, says Magnus Johnson, co-owner and CEO of Cargorange.

Cargorange has made a fantastic journey since the start in 2003. Much has happened since, as time flies when you’re having fun. With a persistent vision that it should be fun to transport goods, we have succeeded in achieving steady success. Both for us and for our customers.

The end of an era is here, but also the beginning of a new one!

Read the pressrelease from NTG here.


Welcome Christin!

In tough competition with other teams, we are very proud to have completed a very meritorious new acquisition. Christin Svensson will be joining our orange team, starting mid November.

Christin has previously worked as team leader at Haanpaa International/Samat. With her positive qualities and solid experience of the industry, Christins main mission at Cargorange will be to continue the development of our UK-department.

We also want to take the opportunity to announce that Jessica Svensson is leaving Cargorange. We wish Jessica the best of luck in her new adventures!


Our annual golf competition has been decided

This years annual Cargorange golf competition took place at the beautiful St Arilds Golf club. With finely cut greens, we got to experience a stimp that can only be experienced at Augusta. Well, almost anyway. Despite the fact that the weather was not in its best mood this day, Tina Johnson mastered both the course and weather best!

At 41 points, she was crowned a (fairly) superior winner. The Rosengrens came in second and third respectively. We won’t mention the other results. In the prestigious side competition for non-golfers, Bosse won in replay over Mattias in a thrilling putt competition. Congratulations to Tina and Bosse. We’re up for revenge next year!


Together we commit to the future

As true sports enthusiasts, we have always valued partnerships with local sports associations and clubs. In these times, it is probably more important than ever to help, commit and contribute to the future.

We are proud to continue our journey together with local clubs Helsingborgs IF, Helsingborg Basket, Jonstorps IF, Eskilsminne IF, St Arild Golfklubb and Helsingborgs Racketklubb.


Congrats Carina!

Carina Nelson is celebrating ten wonderful years as an employee at Cargorange and will become the next exclusive member of our 10-year club. Congratulations and welcome to the club Carina!

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