Welcome to our document page. A page specially created for you as a client or partner at Cargorange. Here you can easily download various documents relating to our business and partnership.


Data Privacy GDPR

Cargorange AB is committed to protecting personal data and ensuring that organisational and technical security measures are in place. We have established data protection rules to ensure consistent and safe protection of personal data when we are processing it.


Conditions of Carriage

Unless otherwise agreed in writing the conditions of carriage shall apply to every transport undertaking agreed with Cargorange AB (referred to as Cargorange). “Transport undertaking” are transport and storage services performed by Cargorange as well as other services referred to in NSAB 2000, § 3. “Customer” is understood to be the party or its agreed substitute with whom Cargorange have concluded an undertaking to perform a service as defined above.


Code of Conduct – Doing the right thing

As Suppliers of Cargorange you are expected to comply with internationally proclaimed human rights. Our Suppliers must provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees which meets or exceeds all legal requirements applicable from time to time...