We are Cargorange

With unchallenged commitment and careful planning, we create competitive advantages and build successful relationships.

Quality since 2003

Cargorange are specialists in smart, safe and efficient transport. With unchallenged commitment and carefully planned transport, we create competitive advantages for our customers and build successful relationships.

Cargorange was founded in 2003 by Magnus Johnson and Sven-Åke Abrahamsson in Helsingborg. Shortly after, Patrick Härner joined the company as a partner. Ever since the beginning, we have worked with a vision that it should be fun to transport goods. Both for us and for our customers.

400 years’ experience

When we started more than 15 years ago, we drove through Sweden, Germany and Holland with our 10 trailers. Much has happened since, as time flies when you’re having fun. Today, our close-knit team has expanded to 20 employees with more than 400 years of combined experience within logistics and transport. We have more than 150 of our own trailers and transport goods world-wide on a daily basis.

Environment and Quality

We work daily with our environment and quality system, adapted to the standard we strive to live up to.

CR Quality System

With today’s environmental debate that largely concerns the environmental impact of cargo transport vehicles, we strive continuously to improve our environmental thinking. We work daily with our own environmental and quality system, CR Quality System, which allows us to inspect and regularly follow up on environmental aspects, suppliers, reports and quality assurance.

In addition, we are always looking to adjust our surroundings to think in a qualitatively- and environmentally- sound way.

Active Environmental work

We have Euro V engines in all of our vehicles and our goal is to further increase the percentage fitted with Euro VI. Our lorries are washed in special environmental-friendly wash rooms, and many of our hauliers drive with biofuel, putting the environment before profit.

The latest initiative in our environmental work is the introduction of digital archives. All our documents are digitally transferred to our archive. The goal is to go completely paperless within the near future.